H. Wayne House, Editor
Kregel Publications, 2008, 284 pages, $16.99 (paperback),
ISBN-13: 978-0-8254-2781-7

If you have wanted to hear a logical, intelligent, non-sectarian, informed, unemotional defense of Intelligent Design (ID), this book is for you. Eight authors who are well known in the “intelligent design movement” write on divergent subjects, but with the common plea that the scientific community and the media do not understand what intelligent design is and have rejected it on the basis of religious and political bigotry.

The first essay is by lawyer Phillip Johnson and gives a history of the controversy from the viewpoint of those on the ID side of the issue. This is extended by philosopher J. P. Moreland who builds the case that bad science has been at the root of the rejection of ID. Casey Luskin with an earth science background and biologist Michael Behe renew the case for intelligent design on a biochemical level. Theologian Jay Richards discusses why we are here, and bioethicist Eddie Colanter goes into the consequences of rejecting the concept of design in the creation. Theologian Wayne House discusses Darwinism and the law, reviewing the Scopes trial in detail and the lawsuit that followed.

The book contains an appendix responding negatively to Francis Collins’ theistic evolution approach to the evolution of man. It has extensive notes and a useful index.

We have said in this journal that Intelligent Design is not a science method--that is it is not a way to cure cancer or stop avian bird flu. We have said it is a wonderful apologetic, a way of building faith in God and of finding ways to deal with tough questions. We have also pointed out the uninformed bigotry of many atheist writers and of the press. This book supports and extends these views and is useful in helping the objective reader have a better understanding of why it is true.

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