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This is the selected bibliography which Dr. Williams included at the end of his booklet.  Due to space limitations in the September/October 2007 Does  God Exist? bulletin, we omitted the bibliography from the article in the printed bulletin.  We are making this bibliography available to anyone who would like to have it for further study.

The following section contains works which argue for the uniqueness of Christ as distinct from other founders of world religions or various gods of world religions.  Some focus on similarities and differences between Christianity and other world religions and possible relationships which can exist between adherents.  Some works focus on how a Christian can best share the gospel with people of non-Christian faiths.

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The books in this section argue for the traditional view of Jesus as the divine Christ, which is crucial to the questions of his uniqueness and his ability to be the only savior for mankind.
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These works provide a general survey of the historical development, teachings, and current expression of the chief world religions. Some are done from a Christian perspective. Others are more neutral in viewpoint.

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Copyright 2001, 2006 by Joel Stephen Williams--All rights reserved

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