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Sura 47:3 – 7 — Muhammad

[47.3] This, because the unbelievers follow falsehood, while the faithful follow the truth from their Lord. Thus God lays down for mankind their rules of conduct.

[47.4] When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take a ransom from them, until War shall lay down her burdens.

Thus shall you do. Had God willed, He could Himself have punished them; [but He has ordained it thus] that He may test you, the one by the other.

As for those who are slain in the cause of God, He will not allow their works to perish. [47.5] He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennoble their state; [47.6] He will admit them to the Paradise He has made known to them.

[47.7] Believer, if you help God, God will help you and make you strong.

From N. J. Dawood, The Koran (London: Penguin Books, 2003), page 357.