Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution

by Mark A. Ludwig,
American Eagle Publications, Inc.,
PO Box 41401, Tucson, AZ 85717, 1993, 374 pages

Finding something new in books that deal with the evolution/ creation issue is getting to be increasingly difficult. A huge percentage of books that are released these days are simply rehashes of something someone else has already written. This book is very different. Ludwig's involvement with computer viruses involves "whether we can learn anything of the world we live in" by studying them. He takes the position that viruses can be good and useful and uses viruses as a means of taking on the scientific establishment. By focusing on the similarities between a living organism and a computer virus, Ludwig is able to show the irrationality of many claims made by evolutionists. There is also a computer disk for this material that can be ordered.

This is a book that develops the history of evolutionary science and shows the assumptions, lack of reasonable probability, and frequent bad science that has characterized the evolution/creation debate. Those who know computers and especially computer programming will find it especially useful.

It is difficult to give a quick summary of all the book contains. We recommend it to well-educated readers as a challenging book and to general readers as a good source of information.

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