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When God and Science Meet

by The American Scientific Affiliation © 2015,
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The front page of the book of JobWe are always looking for good material to share with college and high school students that will help them become more educated about the relationship of science and faith. Sometimes the books we review are neutral as far as biblical interpretation, and their value is in understanding science and hearing from academic scientists who are believers. This book is of that nature. It contains 10 essays by scientists who have advanced degrees and who are leaders in their Christian denominations. The ten essays are:

  1. “The History of Science and Christianity” by Mark Noll
  2. “The Wonder of Creation” by Dorothy Boorse
  3. “The Competencies and Limitations of Science” by Katharine Hayhoe and W. Douglas Hayhoe
  4. “Questions That Faith Asks Science” by John Ortberg
  5. “Worshipping God Through Discovery and Science” by Dorothy F. Chappell
  6. “Science as Christian Calling” by Ian Hutchinson
  7. “Creativity and the Development of Technology” by Randy Isaac
  8. “Genetics, Medicine and the Image of God” by Jay Hollman
  9. “Tending God’s Earth” by Christopher J. H. Wright
  10. “Reasons to Engage in Science” by Ed Stetzer

I can guarantee that you will not agree with everything the authors of this book say, but you will learn and be impressed by their scholarship and their commitment to God. The book could be used in college discussion groups or as a supplement to college level apologetics classes.