A Shattered Visage: The Real Face of Atheism

by Ravi Zacharias, Baker Book House, 1990, 205 pages, $9.99

Ravi Zacharias is a theologian with a heavy background in theology and philosophy and has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University. The book comes recommended by Josh McDowell and Billy Graham and is readable and easy to understand.

This is not a book of science, and it does not deal with proofs of the existence of God or with answers to evolution nor the challenges of cosmology. It deals with man's struggles to understand God and to deal with life. There are seven chapters and two appendices, and all of them deal with the contract between a believer's approach and an atheist's approach to philosophical questions about life, death, and living.

This is an excellent book to use to understand the futility of the atheist view of life. Not only are the views of famous atheists explored and their frustrations exposed, but the logical consequences of rejecting Christianity are also shown. Anyone interested in man's struggles with life will enjoy the book. We recommend it to you as a good introduction to philosophical and theological questions about God and a critique of where atheistic thinking and logic takes you.

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