Impatient Christians

by Charles Hodge, Jr.

A Christian brother and I went to a cafš to eat during a college lectureship. We were joking with the waitress, who seemed rather frustrated with the crowd. We inquired about her religion. She answered, "I quit attending church because I serve so many impatient Christians."

This hit me rather hard, so I observed the customers; they were rather rude and demanding. This taught me a good lesson.

Nine thousand Christians had assembled to fellowship; our "giants" were there to lecture; the lectures were powerful enough to save anybody; many new programs, missions, and plans were announced. But, this lady didn't hear those sermons.

The best sermons on earth cannot touch a man who has lived ten years next to a church member who is sour, rude, and impatient.

Any kind of sermon can save a man who has lived ten years next door to a sweet, thoughtful "visit the sick," "care for the children," etc., type of Christian.

You see the lesson? It is the "little things" in life that count; the smile, the thought, the patience, the name, the handshake. Trivialities can be tragedies--the frown, the hard statement, rudeness. Christians are thoughtful, courteous, and kind.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much, and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. --Luke 16:10

Christian , be careful! God is watching! Children are watching! Friends are watching! And, total strangers watch.

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