Coming Out Straight

by Richard Cohen, Oakhill Press, 461 Layside Dr.
Winchester, VA 22602, 2000, $12.95, 292 pages

From time to time, we have addressed the issue of homosexuality in this journal, and we have reviewed a number of books on the subject. The reason we felt this book needed to be presented to our readers is that it offers practical ways to help solve homosexual involvement. The book is divided into three parts titled "Understanding," "Healing," and "Compassion."

Part 1. Understanding. The author tells his own story of being gay and finding his way out of homosexuality. He then discusses the causes of homosexuality with good documentation. His approach centers around the idea that homosexuality is a symptom of a problem--not the base cause--a position this writer agrees with. Case studies are used to show this in a kind, positive way.

Part 2. Healing. Cohen proposes four stages of healing and details methods of recovery. There are case studies and an extensive discussion of therapeutic tools and techniques. This is the main thrust of the book using over 160 pages. It contains a lot of great ideas and some things that this author is unqualified to evaluate, but can see the potential use of.

Part 3. Compassion. This section deals with healing homophobia and offers practical suggestions for family and friends.

It is important to understand that you cannot help someone who does not want help. Those who do want help, but do not know how to get it and whose family also are stymied by the situation that they are in will find this book to be at least helpful and perhaps the answer to prayer.

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