Lesson 13

What About Me?

This lesson is going to be much different than the others that we have been studying. Instead of discussing scientific evidence and instead of trying to intellectually handle the challenges and problems of our day we want to talk life. With this lesson read the copy of my own personal story, Why I Left Atheism, as to what it was that caused me to leave atheism and become a Christian. Also please read the lesson on The Problem of Human Suffering and some of my personal experiences that have led me out of my previous belief system into the one I now hold to and try to live. In the space below I have asked you to think about some questions that I hope will allow you to reflect upon how you got to be where you are, and where you would like to go with your life and why. My hope is that there will be some way that I can be useful to you, and that by our association through this course we can get to be spiritual brothers, united in our search for Truth and meaning in life. If you do not wish to participate in this, that is fine. Let me just say to you that I appreciate your study of this course, and if there is ever any way I can be of service to you I would welcome the opportunity to do so.


John N. Clayton



1. Why was Clayton an atheist?

2. Why are you what you are religiously today?

3. What caused Clayton to change his position?

4. Is you answer to question 2 logical?

5. What would it take to make you reconsider the religious position you hold to?

6. Why do you believe (or disbelieve) in God?

7. What do you see as things in Clayton’s life that have led him to the kind of position and work that he is now involved in?

8. What do you see as things that have happened in your own life that have given you a unique capacity to help meet the needs of others?

9. What words would you use to describe your relationship to God?

10. Do you feel confident that if you were to die upon reading the end of this sentence, that you would spend eternity in a saved relationship with God? Please try to express your reasons for your answer.

A certificate will be sent to you indicating the successful completion of this course. Thank you for your study, questions, and thoughts. JC

Please add any questions on this course of study that have not been answered so we can take care of any remaining ideas that are not clear in your mind.

The easiest way to complete these questions is to copy and paste the questions to a word processing program (Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, etc.). Once you finish answering the questions, e-mail the questions/answers to John N. Clayton as a text e-mail, NOT as an attachment or HTML format. We will not accept any e-mail containing attachments. Leave spaces between each question and answer. The answers will be graded and commented on and returned to you.


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